You are on your way to saving energy and helping Corvallis win $5 million!

Join Communities Take Charge by adding 3-5 actions to your shopping cart and answering a few registration questions. In one month, we'll ask for your feedback about your energy saving actions. All the energy you save will help Corvallis get closer to winning the $5 million Georgetown University Energy Prize, save you money on your energy bills, and help us reduce our city’s carbon footprint.
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Energy-Saving Actions                      

Lower the thermostat on your water heater to 120°F

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lb CO2 saved

Replace your baseboard heat with a heat pump

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kWh saved

Register for CEW home energy efficiency services program

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lb CO2 saved

Reduce the length of your shower

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Participants Since Jan 1, 2015

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Energy Savings Since 2011

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What Participants Say

This is a great idea. I like having three things I can focus on this month…I plan on choosing three new things every month until I've checked off the entire list!
I think your efforts are wonderful! I am heartened to see my neighbors willing to try.
Thanks for doing this. This is a fun program!
Love this. I insulated my house using the information you gave me. I only paid $250 for my whole house!
The person who came to my home to sign me up was GREAT. She was very low-key, clear, well informed, encouraging, realistic, and nice. That's the kind of person I want to encourage me, and I believe my neighbors will respond to this too.