Join Campuses Take Charge by adding 3-5 actions to your shopping cart and answering a few registration questions. In one month, we'll ask for your feedback about your energy saving actions, and then we'll mail you the exclusive Take Charge Coupon card featuring local businesses. Let's make OSU the most energy-efficient campus in the nation!
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Energy-Saving Actions                    

Register for free in-home installation of CFL light bulbs an [...]

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lb CO2 saved

Match the size of the pan to the heating element

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lb CO2 saved

Remove your name from junk mail lists

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lb CO2 saved

Alter driving by avoiding sudden acceleration and stops

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gal Gas saved

Number of Participants in 2013

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2012 Energy Savings

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What Participants Say

This is a great idea. I like having three things I can focus on this month…I plan on choosing three new things every month until I've checked off the entire list!
I think your efforts are wonderful! I am heartened to see my neighbors willing to try.
Thanks for doing this. This is a fun program!
Love this. I insulated my house using the information you gave me. I only paid $250 for my whole house!
The person who came to my home to sign me up was GREAT. She was very low-key, clear, well informed, encouraging, realistic, and nice. That's the kind of person I want to encourage me, and I believe my neighbors will respond to this too.